Friday, May 16, 2008

Fit to be Tied

By Helene Mills
First published in Issue 1 - Diversity Magazine

I reclined sleepily on the tall bed, propped with pillows and surrounded by the softest of down comforters. A bright mid-day sun warmed the room. As he walked into the room, I threw the comforter aside and stretched languorously.

"Did you have a good nap?" he inquired, "Here, I've brought you some iced apple juice."

I accepted the glass from him and drained the sweet liquid.

"Mmm, perfect" I exclaimed, "That really hits!"

So speaking, I fished an ice cube from the cup and trailed it slowly down my naked body. It left a delicious tingle over my awakening skin, and I gasped as I passed it over sensitive spots. With a flourish and smile, I handed my lover the half-melted ice cube. Reverently, he took over the pleasant task of causing my body to shiver delightedly, swirling the cube up to encircle my nipples, down again, melting finally in the shallow cup of my navel. He eagerly bent to lap the liquid thus offered, and continued up my body, following the trail of droplets, his hot mouth warming my chilled flesh. I arched to meet his lips as they closed around my nipple, sending deep thrumming waves of sensation flowing from breast to pussy and back.

I stopped his play briefly, pulling his face to mine for a soft, loving kiss; a slow tasting of his sweet lips and probing tongue, then I pushed his head down to my other nipple, leaving my fingers
entangled in his dark curls. A rhythmic, hot pulsing had centered itself in my groin, making my pussy ache for contact. Unable to stop myself, I guided his head down my burning body, stopping only when his lips touched the spot that most demanded his tender oral skills. Eagerly his hands stroked my skin, his rough palms sliding over my thighs, up my hips, then down to gently part my pussy lips as he pressed his mouth to my most heated spot. Soft as the touch of a kitten's paw; his tongue parted my folds and explored gently within, leaving a trail of fire along the path of his mouth. My sighs and purrs were ample proof of the skill and delicacy of his touch.

My lover continued his slow, inexorable strokes, bringing me higher and higher on the path of joy. His pressure grew softer as I grew more frantic, forcing my full attention to my ever-growing ecstasy. My whole being was a great golden bubble of warmth and pleasure -
balanced precariously on the tip of his tongue - ready to explode with orgasmic energies.

Despite the growing tension I felt, I drew him up my body to meet my lips. Intoxicated by the scent of my juice, I nibbled fiercely at his lips, sucking and licking, sharing the sweet taste. He eagerly slid his tongue into my mouth, rubbing his wet face against mine. Groaning with suppressed need, I sat up and pushed him onto his back.

I allowed my hands to wander freely over his warm, golden skin, loving the sight of his slow smile and response to my touch. His beautiful small nipples erected further as my fingers grazed them and his strong, hard cock bounded upwards to meet my stroking touch.

He reached up to my breasts, intending to fondle my nipples, and I put his hands back at his sides, not wishing distraction from my play. Insistently, he reached up again and this time I held his wrists down and stared mock-menacingly into his soft brown eyes. "Getting a little out of hand, are we?" I inquired.
I waited until he caught the change in my mood, then pulled the manacles up from their accustomed place: dangling by their chains from the corners of my bed. He made only token resistance as I firmly buckled the leather wrist cuffs in place, then attached his feet to
the larger ankle cuffs. Nicely spread out, he tested his bonds, straining at each limb in turn. He realized that once more he was mine to do with as I pleased.

Struck with an idea, I left him waiting in anticipation, went into the bathroom and returned with a large bottle of baby oil. Pouring the oil over his belly, groin and chest; I enjoyed his squirms as the cool oil trickled along his sides and down his balls. With my free hand, I spread the oil about, rubbing it into his satin skin - paying special attention to his rock-hard cock - then pushing the wave of oil down to the cleft of his buttocks, oiling him thoroughly and warming him with
my touch.

He groaned his delight, moving with me, attempting to draw out each stroke by the pressure of his body on my hands. I continued running my hands over his lithe, smooth body; his slick skin. I dug my nails in as I stroked, lost in the sight of the red scratches I left along his ribs and thighs. The urge to straddle his vulnerable body and impale myself on his long cock was nearly irresistible. I concentrated instead on teasing my lover - rubbing the oil further into his skin,
toying with and pinching his hard little nipples, moving down his belly and stroking his hips, his balls, never touching his straining prick. He writhed in his bonds, striving to bring his hard-on in
contact with my hands, but I rather enjoyed the effect I was having on him and would only give him the occasional feather-light touch in passing. I loved the sounds he made - deep, soft groans of delight, little gasps when contact was made.

With a wicked smile, I poured more oil directly on the spot which seemed to need it most. I added my warm touch to the stream of oil, following its trickling path over his balls and down into his ass cleft. I explored his secret places. My fingers soon found the tight ring of his asshole and, accompanied by a strangled moan from my lover, slickly thrust within. His muscles clenched at my intruding digit, the walls of his passage rhythmically contracting as his hips
bucked slightly in time with my slow movements. I granted him the sensation he'd been wanting so desperately by grasping his hugely swollen cock with my free hand and pumping it, his hard tool sliding through my grip as easily as my probing finger explored his soft, warm crevice.

As I continued, I could feel his hips thrusting steadily - although whether he was following the motions of my intruding finger or those of my encircling fist, I knew not. Within moments I could sense an electric rippling in his body, and I knew that his peak was approaching. I slowly removed both hands from his body. He attempted in vain to follow my touch with his hips, then pulled desperately at his bonds.

I threw a leg astride his chest and bent forward to kiss his open, panting mouth, lovingly intertwining tongues. When I leaned further forward and offered a hard nipple for his eager delectation, he latched on ferociously. The first pull of suction caused my sensations
to flare. A further nip and the insistent pressure of his mouth nearly made me come! I removed my breast and waited for the frenzied throbbing in my cunt to recede somewhat. He was so pretty; his muscles corded with strain as he pulled at his chains. He whispered a single
word - "Please..."

In answer, I began sliding my pussy lightly back and forth across his oil-bejeweled skin, again and again, making the strokes longer, moving towards his waiting cock. The slight friction was delicious, sending little spasms of delight through my body. He strained forward, but I
continued my slow path down his belly, stroking myself with his smooth, slick skin. Then I bumped up against something hard and hot. Simultaneously he jerked forward, maddened by my closeness; desperate for contact. I felt the head of his perfectly-targeted cock sink past
the lips of my soaking pussy, and overwhelmed by the jolt of contact, I lunged backward to meet his thrust, stopping only at the mingling of our pubic hairs.

The erotic shock of being suddenly so filled left me pleasure-stricken, lost in the intense waves of sensation that crashed through my body. I could not think, could not breathe; my entire being
focused on the spot where we joined. He, also, seemed overwhelmed by the sudden clasping of my tight sheath around his swollen prick, and so we stayed, letting the echoes of pleasure subside to a bearable plateau.

Never looking away from his face, I pulled myself up until the tender head of his cock had almost pulled out, then quickly impaled myself again, watching his eyes glaze over. Over and over I repeated the motion, rocking backwards and forwards, thrusting him deeper and deeper inside. He surged up to meet me and within moments I could sense his impending explosion.

Each muscle straining and outlined with gleaming oil, he began a more desperate thrusting. As his neck arched and his hips lifted, I leapt off his wildly plunging prick and threw myself entirely off the bed.

Heedless of my own incredible frustration and need, I watched as he went mad. Struggling ferociously to break free, his hips jerked, mindlessly seeking release. Animal noises rasped past lips tight with pent lust. For a moment I thought I had misjudged the moment, that he
might shoot into the air, but soon his struggles slowed, and the only sound was his uneven panting as he writhed softly on my bed.

Impressed, I leaned over him, to be greeted with a look half frustrated, half pleading. I took pity on him; poor bound boy; and climbed back onto the bed, swinging my trembling thigh over his face and slowly lowering my sopping pussy to meet his lips.

Eagerly he pressed his tongue within, helpless to do anything but please me. In return, I leaned forward and took his twitching cock in my mouth, savoring the taste of my own juice as I did so. As I took all of his prick down my greedy throat, I felt my lover's lips go lax, and a sigh tickled my pussy. I stopped all motion until I felt him resume, then found myself in the same predicament, unable to form a coherent thought or direct the motion of my mouth. Both of us were trembling; muscles growing weaker as the pleasure intensified. As much as I tried to concentrate on giving him pleasure, I soon found that my frustration only increased - I wanted more.

Turning, I moved down his body to meet his eager prick, a sigh of fulfillment escaping my lips as I slid down its length to feel him again completely within me. Ripples of pleasure snaked along my spine, through my groin and connected my tingling nipples. Too overwhelmed with lust to think of stopping, I began to grind my pussy back and forth on his cock, feeling him rock beneath me in time with my motions. Dazed by the intensity of my pleasure, I realized that there
would be no more teasing, no more hesitation, and as my lover thrust up at me with a growing urgency, I increased my downward pressure until it seemed our hot bodies had melted together; become one.

The blast of my orgasm took me by surprise, its force and intensity a volcanic eruption as it rushed, swirling and bubbling, red-hot molten pleasure from the base of my spine; every nerve end lighting. I could only dimly feel my rigid limbs, or hear my lover's own howl of release
as his climax arrived and he arched frantically off the bed, impaling me yet further on his bursting cock as fierce jets of come battered my clenching cunt, sending my already cresting orgasm further into the realms of supernova.

Slumping forward as my muscles suddenly released their tension, I collapsed across my lover's heaving chest. With the last of my energy, I reached to his wrists and released his bonds, then as his arms came down to enfold me I snuggled into his strong shoulder and relaxed utterly, allowing the orgasmic aftershocks to shudder through my body. Still atop him, I faded quickly into sleep; my last waking memory that of my lover's voice speaking hesitantly..."Uh, honey; could you untie my feet?... Honey?..."

copyright Helene Mills 1995

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